Rehabilitation Garden, the Heart & Soul of Hathian?

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A rehabilitative and tranquil garden is in the workings of planning and development right here in hathian.

Amissa Uba’s family has owned a piece of land in the bayou for generations. With the current owners passing, the land was deeded to Uba. A member of the Fire Department of Hathian and EMT, Dimitri Rosseau had the idea for the project with inspiration from his work.

“The garden would be a fantastic option for those who need to perform community service.” Rosseau noted that the Uba family has always had a positive influence on Hathian and believes this garden will only benefit the community of Hathian while giving the Hathian Police Department officers a valuable opportunity to volunteer in maintaining public safety around the plot. The FDH has also put their full support behind this project in offering volunteer services.

Rosseau states, “[The garden would be an] alternative for minor criminal offenses, there are therapeutic benefits of working with nature. It will be a peaceful place a refuge for addict’s and the mentally unwell.”

Rosseau and Uba both have noted that Mayor Nick Matfield has given his full support for this project.

Potted plants garden featuring Amissa Uba.
Potted plants garden featuring Amissa Uba.

Aside from the rehabilitation of adults back into society, discussion is underway in scheduling nature inspired field trips for Hathian’s Seaside school. The purpose would be to bring students to the garden to explore the natural life cycles of critters that inhabit the bayou’s of Louisiana while also having the opportunity to enjoy a bit of gardening.

Sheltered Hearts of Haithian’s own Brett Shira will be providing legal advice for the project while this reporter will also be assisting in scheduling charity events directly related to the garden project to raise funds for the necessary supplies.

A charity BBQ will be held in garden to raise funds and awareness of the benefits associated with this particular garden style. Those interested in obtaining more details and information are encouraged to contact Amissa Uba ((masha.eilde)) or Dimitri Rosseau (joubert015).

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