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With the current elections taking place, our candidates have been out there preparing their campaign materials and spreading their words around Hathian in hopes to make some change. I caught up with one of the candidates Ryo Hwang, who is running for city Mayor ,and got the answers to some questions that I’m sure have been on every voters mind.

Ryo grew up in Seoul, South Korea, raised by his grandmother until becoming a Korean Pop Trainee. By the age of ten, he was living in a dorm with eight other members of the popular group ‘YUCK’. There he didn’t have much time for fun or hobbies, but spent most of his time working. He was released from his contract in early 2015, cominng to America for a new start. First in Dead End, where he met his sister Tailia Yheng, then moving to Hathian to join the Police Department.

“I won’t lie, I had dabbled in the corruption. I tried to change things within the department, but was told I’d never advance. Never become what I wanted to be. It was a crushing blow to my confidence”

Shortly after, he decided to leave the department and change his life for the better. When first announcing that he’d be running for Mayor , he had some interesting things to say to the public.

“I’ll be honest with you people. I’m not a political man. I love watching cartoons. I drink more than anyone should ever allow. I’m probably just going to screw this up but hell, a guy can try right?”

Since that statement, he’s been making strides. Seen around Hathian campaigning for his cause, engaging in discussions with fellow candidates and advocating for the city’s youth. He was also recently spotted in New Orleans volunteering for a homeless shelter , giving out hot meals to those in need.

Thianya Kanya: What made you decide to run for city Mayor?

Ryo Hwang: First, let me begin by saying my decision to run for Mayor wasn’t an easy one. It took a lot of thought. But since I’ve been in Hathian I’ve come to realize there’s so much that needs change. The corruption on the streets is just as bad as what you see within the police department. Young children, some as young as five, maybe even younger are living on the streets, having to fend for themselves.

TK: Do you have any plans or goals toward improving the situation of Hathians youth?

RH: I want to work with the Seaside school and provide the necessary funds to turn it into a children’s shelter. A real one, where all homeless children are safe and taken care of, while I made it my mission to seek out loving homes for them. It’s my main goal.

TK: What other goals do you wish to achieve if becoming Mayor?

RH: The kids of course would be my first priority. Seaside needs attention more than ever. Everyone should put aside their own needs and wants and focus on giving that school the much needed TLC it deserves. Hell a fresh coat of paint and a bit of elbow grease, it can be improved. I’d even contribute my own money to benefit the school. Other things I’d like to work on would be to put forth funding into rebuilding businesses and landmarks, cleaning up our streets and providing more funding for our municipal workers including the fire department and the hospital. I also want to try putting an end to the corruption within the police department. I’ll try working with the captain in discussing disciplinary action for officers who violate their code to protect and serve.

TK: Are you at all worried about making a stand on police corruption, knowing first hand what kind of ties they have tat HPD?

RH: Yes. It would be foolish of me to lie and say I know I will succeed. But I’ll do my damn best to try. The police have been a corrupt band for so long it’s difficult to discern where it all started. But one must ask themselves, when will it end? Why can’t they just do their jobs as they should? Why abuse their authority, rape female inmates, bring about more misery than any gang this city has produced? The Immortals and Rejects are both tough gangs, but at least they understand the concept of loyalty and cooperation.

TK: Do you have any opinion on the previous Mayor and Councilwoman? Do you think they were doing all they could to make improvements to our city?

RH: Honestly, they could have done more. I rarely saw effort on their part.  All they did was Legalize pot? That’s nothing to really be proud of. I could be wrong, but since I’ve been in Hathian I haven’t seen them do jack shit.

TK: People are curious, with the recent change to the laws on Marijuana, if you become Mayor do you plan to make any changes regarding that topic?

RH: Pot is an innocent drug. It doesn’t hurt anyone. I wouldn’t touch the new law concerning it. I’m a user of it myself.

TK: What are your thoughts on the rumours going around the city, stating that Councilwoman Inara Shen only joined office to legalize Marijuana, conveniently stepping down after the law was passed?

RH: Who knows what her intentions were. She did the city a small favour. Big deal.

TK: Not to offend, but a lot of people have been bringing up their concerns with voting for you, given your ‘unconventional’ relationship with your sister Tailia. What would you say to those concerned with your personal life?

RH: I understand the relationship between my sister and I is unconventional and immoral. But she and I aren’t even truly brother and sister. Half siblings really, but twenty-one years of never knowing one another, only to find each other and develop feelings in such a way, it wasn’t something we just dove into. We tried to avoid it, tried to ignore it. We just couldn’t. We aren’t in love. We just randomly bone on occasion. My heart belongs to another. Regardless, this doesn’t have any effect on my campaign or my ability to run for Mayor.

Within the last week a lot of controversy surrounding Twitter posts between Ryo Hwang and his fellow candidate Nick Matfield have been surfacing. The two have said to have been bantering back and forth regarding who would best suit Hathian Mayor, and bringing forth information on one another’s personal lives. When asked about Matfield, Ryo only had a couple things to say.

“I’m sure his support will be behind the police force, leading to even deeper corruption within our city. I’ve seen the things those cops have done. And rumour has it, he’s been sleeping with his own mother.”

I also touched base with him on how he felt about his other fellow candidates, and if he had spent much time hearing what they planned to do for the city.

“If I get elected, I’ll have to keep my ear to the ground and find more problems that need my attention. Of course I plan to work with fellow candidates if I’m elected, my ear is always open to suggestions. Matfield can suck my dick. As for the other candidates, I hope they are in this for the right reasons and not their own.”

We urge all of our citizens to go out and register to vote, polls open Wednesday Feurary 10th at 8am, and will be ongoing until the 12th at 8pm. You can place your vote at the Civil Services building on Hathian Highway, inside the lobby of the Hathian Police Department, or within the gym at Columtreal University.

Remember people of Hathian, every vote counts, only YOU can make the change we need!



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