Hearts Of Hathian: Volume 1

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To Dion Caruso

Oh Dion, you make my thighs quiver. Oh Dion, you make my flesh shiver. Oh Dion, I want your heart. Oh Dion, I want you to start. Fucking me with your big old dick, cum and get me baby, please cum quick. I daren’t tell you how I love, how I crave to feel you fist me with your leather glove. I’ll continue to watch you from afar. Love your admirer, the dude with the car. <3

To officer O’Callaghan, I ain’t much for Valentine’s, but I reckon if I was gonna have one it’d be you. You’re a pretty good shot and I trust you with my life every time we go out.

– Sugar Tush.

You can still submit YOUR love letter to the Observer. Contact Poptartz ((Thianya Kanya)) in person or via Twitter @ThianyaKanya. Show your lover you care this Valentine’s Day.


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