A Message To Hathians: The Importance Of Voting

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Hathian’s fast paced mayoral and council election is about to end after merely a week of campaigning. It has been among the most intense races we’ve seen in a long time. Across the Hathian Area, more than a handful of candidates have squared off, each hoping to impress residents with their vision and their plans.

The next step is up to you, the voter.

This is your opportunity to shape the direction of your community by choosing its leaders. Sadly, it is a responsibility that too few citizens have taken up in the past.  The number of registered voters has significantly dropped in the last couple years, leaving us to wonder, is this why our city hasn’t seen the change it so desperately needs?

Unfortunately, some people may be deterred by the fact that they feel uneducated when it comes to politics, but this isn’t something that should stop you from making your vote. Whether you’re an experienced voter, or planning to vote for the first time, here are some basic things to consider:

  • Don’t rely solely on the news. News is important, but it’s not the only source of useful political information. Talk about politics with people you respect, and spend some time on the candidates’ social media pages familiarizing yourself with their positions on key issues.
  • Check the facts. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation circulating during campaign season. Don’t always believe claims that don’t square with reality.
  • Don’t let other voters change or sway your vote to suit their beliefs. Everyone has their own vote for a reason, a close friend or family member might not agree with your vote, but you have every right to keep it anonymous. In the end, go with who YOU feel is best suited.

Remember, voting isn’t always just about the BIG issues. Okay, so maybe you don’t think any of the candidates can fix the Police corruption, or rebuild Seaside into one of the best schools in the area, but there are a lot of other smaller things to consider as well. In fact, anyone concerned about better urban transit, fair taxes, clean streets, efficient garbage collection and recycling, recreational facilities and well-maintained roads has good reason to vote.

Electing the wrong people to local office could trigger long-term damage in all these areas of the public sector. That’s why it’s so important for voters both to be informed and to take the time to cast a ballot and act on their best judgment.

There’s still time. Voting polls don’t close until tonight at 8pm. Be part of that electorate. Make your voice heard. Turn opinion into action. Go out today and vote.

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