Citizen Profile: Cassie Loeser

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Article & Photos By: Daiyu Tang

Readers, as some of you will remember, the Hathian Observer features Citizens in shorter or longer interviews as part of our Citizens of Hathian Series. We’ve featured models, doctors, confused individuals, DJs and the FDH. Anyone can take part, just reach out to one of our journalists and we’ll go from there.

So today as I was heading into the office to supervise the print run, I came across Cassie. I don’t stop for everyone in Hathian, (as noted you can schedule me) but as I’ve had my mind on Bourbon St. and some of the goings on there, I wondered if I was meeting a Hathian Harlot and thought maybe I could get a scoop. It turned out my preconceptions were wrong and with the agreement of Cassie, I’m sharing a short interview here.

Couch Surfing Cassie

Cassie, chewing bubble-gum was young, I would say between 18 and 20. Pretty, although my personal view was that a tight knit sweater or a gym top would have promised a more sophisticated package than perhaps the little strip of fabric across her chest.

Everyone is allowed and should express themselves in their own style (I take Emo Garden Gnome as a badge of pride) and people are more than the sum of their clothing as the interview determined.

Daiyu: “So, what kinda thing brings you to Hathian? It’s a place of danger, intrigue and opportunity, so I was wondering how you see yourself fitting into the jigsaw here?”

Cassie: “So I moved here from Miami after my mom disappeared. My grandparents live in a home, so they couldn’t keep me… Last choice was that I moved to Hathian so I could stay with my dad. He lives over in the mobile park.”

Daiyu: “So Hathian… Pretty dangerous place, but I guess if you’ve got your dad here, it’s safer than for those alone. Any plans or ideas in Hathian? Aren’t you a bit worried about predators on the streets?

Cassie: “I don’t really think that far ahead. I just go a day at a time and I don’t have any plans, but I’m not worried about attackers… Most people leave me alone and I’ve got a couple guy friends who take care of me.”

I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but Cassie continued, explaining about her father as I had assumed staying with family was a good thing, making her time here safer.

“My dad, he doesn’t make things much safer. He drinks a lot and his weird ass friends show up, so I spend a lot of time surfing on couches. I had an ex boyfriend named Cocksnot, and for a while I was also sleeping in his van on the beach – but he got it booted so now I can’t see him anymore.”


Cassie was fluid behind the camera, moving, posing and while perhaps not 100% at ease like a professional model would be, she was giving it a good shot. I, reader, made the assumption that perhaps she might wish to work at the TT or somewhere like that, or even speak to the Harlot’s… I do try and connect people, but as is often the case making assumptions can be wrong.

Daiyu: “Oh, fair enough, no need to plan everything right and shit parents huh… I can relate… So, if you have to maybe leave a few requests for our readers in Hathian… what would it be? Looking for a boyfriend without a van, or wanting to work somewhere? There’s you know all the usual fast food stuff, but there’s also more… Adult stuff around… and there’s umm this group down on Bourbon, the Hathian Harlots… a bit of a union if you will for people into the more… adult entertainment?”

Cassie: “Hmm… I don’t want to work anywhere, because it’s boring. And I don’t like Bourbon street because everybody tries to pimp me out or make me sign on at the Twister. Dancing’s hard work. But if I had to ask for anything to change, it would be the beaches. I’d like them to be cleaner and have fewer gators…”

Daiyu: “Great, thank you Cassie, can our readers contact you? We offer that kinda anonymous mailbox thing in case you know, dates, adventures, all that good stuff?”

Cassie: “Sure!”

((For RP ideas and as a hook contact Vesuvius (bubblecharm7) in world. This article would have her IC contact details as well))

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