Private Security Video Stolen, Leaked

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Zipporah and Hunter Caverly are parents, and like any mother and father, they want to protect their children. They have security cameras installed on their property for just this purpose, though someone has taken advantage of the security system with malicious intent.

On Wednesday afternoon, a sex tape of the couple was stolen and leaked to the public via the Twitter account of a woman called “Candy”. The video, which was recorded nearly a month ago, was seen by dozens of Hathian residents, and elicited a number of responses on the social media website.

Though it didn’t stop there. A few hours later, more videos were leaked, this time of their home life, which Mrs. Caverly says was recorded last Sunday. It includes footage of the Caverly children sleeping in their beds, and ends with text, simply stating, “Bang, Bang. You’re dead.”

The leaker “Candy” says she didn’t hack the security system, and instead simply acquired the footage.

The motivation behind her actions seems to be that of revenge. “There is a reason behind everything, is there not?” “Candy” said via a Twitter conversation. “I would like to think it was [for fun], however I doubt the Caverlys feel the same.”

She then revealed that during a live radio interview, Zipporah accused her and her family of kidnapping her and murdering a child. “Candy” is insistant that this was “something [she] did not do.”

Mrs. Caverly, however, says otherwise, claiming that the Devouring kidnapped her back in May while she was pregnant with her now healthy son.

“They performed a forced c-section on me and put me through trials, one of which I saw a one year old boy murdered,” she recalls. “As far as I’m concerned, all of the Devouring is guilty.”

While “Candy” says she wasn’t there, Caverly says she has proof the woman was indeed apart of the incident.

“When she approached me a few weeks ago, she had a creepy interest in my children. She asked how they were, asked if they were strong,” the mother of two explains. “When I was kidnapped, they kept emphasizing how we had to raise strong children. It was enough for me to believe she was there.”

Regardless of whether or not “Candy” was present, she remained casual about the situation, and said, “At least now she has a reason to accuse me of something.”

It is not known if “Candy” will face criminal charges, but the Caverlys say they will press charges against anyone caught spreading the videos.

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