Hathian Sniper Captured by HPD

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In dramatic scenes on Sunday, Hathian Police Department Officers risked their lives to capture the Sniper who has been terrorizing the city.

It was at around 4pm when once again the peace was shattered by a hail of bullets coming from the roof of the Theatre. A bus shelter and windows were smashed as men, women and children dived for cover, fearing for their lives. A desperate female called in to the 911 dispatcher, pleading for Officers to come and save them from this dastardly fiend!

With disregard for their own safety and in acts of heroic courage, Officers sped to the scene only to themselves come under fire. As the Officers battled for control a police cruiser was holed, but in the end the Officers superior training saved the day. Advancing under fire Officers managed to storm the sniper’s firing position on the Theatre roof and take her into custody. It was then that the identity of the sniper was revealed as Leila J. Barnes, a known critic of the HPD.

Speaking afterwards, Detective Lieutenant Moonshadow said, “I would like to pay tribute to the selfless acts of our Officers who brought an end to this evil woman’s terror campaign. Without the bravery of Detective Officer Kanaye, Officers Andel, Sokolowski, Kenin, Charlesworth and Crannock the city would still be under the lethal threat of this scourge.

“It is a reminder to all of us of the risks faced by our Officers as they work tirelessly to protect the Citizens. When everyone else is running from danger, our highly trained Officers are running towards it, it’s part of the job of protecting and serving this great City and we should all be rightly proud of what they do. Thank you”.

With the sniper safely behind bars the city can once sleep in relative safety, knowing that when trouble calls, the HPD are only three digits on that dial away.

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