Cops Rescue Assaulted FDH Probie

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On Saturday afternoon, FDH Paramedic Kate Stark read some alarming tweets from Probie Ren Vond saying that a stalker was after her behind the pet shop in dowtown Hathian. A tweet a few moments later said “motel. Please help.” Anxious, Stark ran into town in search of her coworker.

Finding a mutual friend at the HPD who was reporting the incident, Stark learned that the friend had discovered Vond’s phone in the dumpster behind the pet shop, along with Vond’s bag. An officer arrived at the HPD and was informed of the incident. When Stark showed him the FDH identification, the officer sent uniforms over to the motel on a curtesy call, just in case.

It wasn’t long before a call came back on the radio that Stark had been dreading. Vond had been found at the motel with burns and evidence of assault. It was revealed later that the suspect was taken into custody.

The FDH would like to personally thank the HPD in their involvement in rescuing one of their own. Without the help of the HPD, who knows what could have happened.

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