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Following the fatality of a suspect in custody named as Kayl Vond in the southern parking lot of the HPD station car yard, the fatality of a civilian named as Siddalee Matfield and serious incidents of public disorder, an 8pm to 6am Curfew has been declared and is in existence throughout the city of Hathian until further notice.

The HPD is appealing for calm while inquiries, internal and external investigations into the events surrounding these civilian deaths continue. Looting, violence or public disorder of any kind will not be tolerated and officers have been instructed to enforce a zero-tolerance approach towards anyone seeking to take advantage of these events to cause a threat to public or officer safety.

It would not be appropriate for detailed comment that could prejudice inquiries, however in the interests of transparency the HPD is releasing the following statement based on preliminary investigations:

CCTV video recovered from off-site back-up and witness statements reveals that at approximately 1am on the 9th March 2015 Suspect Dr Kayl Vond approached HGH Director of Nursing/Chief of Staff Amira Xuanzang for an interview regarding an internal work placement position in the psychiatric department. Mrs Xuanzang went to the basement with Dr Vond to show him the facility, where she was attacked by him without warning.

The victim was injected with a sedative (atavan), forced to give over her security pin number, stripped naked and forced into a freezer in the morgue. Suspect Vond used the victim’s ID badge and pin to gain access to get scrubs, subdued the guard in the security room and erased the initial CCTV footage. He then collected the victim’s belongings and went back to the morgue, forced her into a body bag, and signed her out with a the false name of ‘Caroline.’

Suspect Vond transported the victim to an upper floor apartment in Rogarou where she was repeatedly physically assaulted by the suspect. Vond taunted the victim’s husband HPD Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang, via Twitter and included photos. The victim managed to get possession of a phone and managed to call her husband who was able to trace the call using location cell triangulation. Captain Xuanzang responded to the scene, where he discovered his wife being strangled by the suspect and moved to defend her.

In the melee the victim got thrown through a metal frame window onto a ledge outside. As Captain Xuanzang was tending to his wife’s injuries and calling for emergency assistance the suspect threw a knife at the victim. Captain Xuanzang sustained a serious knife injury to his thigh, but was able to return fire and shot twice at the suspect subduing him.

EMS arrived on scene and the suspect was taken into custody. Inquiries into suspect Kayl Vond’s background have revealed he had a history of PTSD and was prone to sociopathic tendencies.

At the time the suspect Kayl Vond received a fatal injury in the southern parking lot of the HPD Captain Xuanzang (1) was under the extreme stress of his wife’s kidnap and attack and (2) under the influence of a high-strength opiate that had been administered that morning at HGH (to which he has a known intolerance).

From a point of law, a person cannot be held criminally responsible when their actions are impaired due to a psychiatric disorder or whilst under the influence of psycho-active chemical which has been negligently administered, particularly when the pharmacological effects of that substance are negatively enhanced due to an allergic intolerance.

Consideration is currently underway as to whether Dr Npeecee, who administered morphine to Captain Xuanzang will face charges of civil negligence regarding his failure to check the Captain’s records for known allergies, he has since been suspended from his position as a physician.

The HPD attempted to subdue the public order incidents that followed the death of Suspect Kayl Vond using non-lethal minimum force, including tear gas crowd dispersal agents. However Officers were forced to resort to their primary weapons when they came under fire from multiple suspects armed with firearms.

Suspect Clover Fordyce was the first to open fire on Officers in an act of pure malice, with members of the Vond family in the line-of-fire and without any known association to them. The suspect was arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder having shot and wounded Captain Xuanzang and Lieutenant Moonshadow. The suspect’s firearm was recovered as evidence and enquiries are ongoing to apprehend further armed suspects. Some other officers were treated at the scene for stab wounds.

It was whilst Officers were defending themselves from armed attack that victim Siddalee Matfield strayed into the cross-fire and was fatally wounded. Preliminary inquiries have shown clearly that the victim was not targeted deliberately and her death is a matter of deep regret by the Officer concerned and the HPD as a whole, our sincere condolences are extended to the family concerned.

As a matter of law and principle, the HPD do not pursue criminal charges against persons whose criminal responsibility is diminished whilst suffering from a psychiatric episode, if such an event is the result of a known medical condition or caused through intolerance to medication, to which they were not personally responsible.

Furthermore, the HPD do not legally pursue Officers who return fire whilst acting in defense of themselves, their colleagues and in the interests of public safety, if no criminal intent was present or displayed in their actions and they did not deliberately target unarmed civilians. Such actions are deemed as ‘self defense’ under the law, even if such actions lead to unintended fatal consequences.

Captain Xuanzang is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation and medical treatment at HGH, and has been relieved of command by Captain Grace Robertson. An Internal Affairs investigations is currently underway under the command of Captain Benjamin Stoneage.

The full findings of the investigations by the Major Crimes Unit, Internal Affairs Unit and disciplinary committees will be published in due course.

The HPD hopes the City can now move on and put these highly regrettable incidents behind us while we work tirelessly to defend the citizens from threats such as the so-called “Hathian Sniper”.

Det. Lt. A. Moonshadow
MCU & Media Liason

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