Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Silent Date Auction

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In conjunction with both Mardi Gras celebrations and Valentine’s Day, Hathian General Hospital has teamed up with Hathian Theater to bring 2015 Mardi Gras Madness Masquerade Ball being held on Sunday February 15 @ 2pm ((SLT)).

In the spirit of Valentines Day, there is also a Silent Date Auction leading up to the Ball. Monday February 9th, photos will be set up on a table in the lobby of HGH along with boxes to allow for silent bids.


Opinionated, bold and stubborn 23 year old female, born and raised military brat from North Carolina.

Likes:  Sweet tea on the back patio, fine cigars, aged scotch, men who are men.
Dislikes: Cowards, alarm clocks and bad hygene, guys that still live with mom.

Perfect Date:
Simple dinner and drinks, dancing.  Good conversation, humor, superb marksmanship. A full set of balls and fast ride to chase the devil’s tail.



I’m outgoing and energetic. Always looking on the bright side of things and a glass half full kind of girl. Hathian has hit me hard, but I always bounce back, and embrace the lessons this city has taught me. I’m an exotic treat with a touch of heat.



Young 19 year old, Female

Likes: Music, nature, dancing, animals, books, good food/drink, fun in general

dislikes: the close minded, bad manners, violence, pollution, spiders and roaches

Ideal date: Secluded forest clearing with a good view of the night sky some food..some drinks..some dancing..with or without music..ending in a night of passion under the stars.



My day job is being an assistant, though I moonlight as a model now and then (and both jobs allow for some fabulous shoes!). I love trying new foods and meeting new people, just don’t mistake my shyness for being rude! I love fast cars & motorcycles and swimming in the gulf.


All American boy in his twenties that likes Fishing and good music.

Ideal Date would include fancy dress, candle light piano bar atmosphere and drinks.

Likes: Real women and sexy men.

Personality: Laid back and good spirited, not a violent guy.

Career motivated but just at the beginning, still in college.



32 yo Female looking for the night of her dreams.  Loves to read, dance, and watch the night stars. Has a bit of a wild and frisky side and being spontaneous. Game for any type of fun.. and no long desires being serious in life. Enjoying life while she can, the best way that she knows how!



Tall, Dark, And Mysterious. Always up for Intelligent Conversation, able to hold his own in almost any topic. If you are looking for a man that is well versed, as well as well mannered, then I am your man.



I Know you women are tired of men that  promise you the moon and the stars, when all  you really want is a person to hang out with, talk to.  Someone that understands that dating in Hathian can be hell.

I Can’t promise you things I can’t attain, But I do promise a good time.  Laughter and walks along the beach at midnight. Am I a romantic?  maybe a tad,  But I am also a realist that knows, Moonlight walks along beaches at midnight can usually lead to nothing good.

Let’s start with coffee.

21 years old athlete.  Baseball player that likes to keep fit.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to hit the bars, and chow down on a juicy burger. Hey, we all have our vices.

When I am not working, or at the gym. I enjoy Reading and Gaming. Some of my favorite authors include  King, Rice.  Martin.  Jong.

Looking for a woman that is literate, Wild spirited and funny.  Someone to keep me on my toes, and I can do the same for her.  Women that are overly domestic, need not apply. I can make my own sandwich.  In fact, I can make a rather kick ass dinner for two.

Please, have all of your teeth

Not looking for a woman that dresses her animals up, and throws birthday parties.   Not looking for a male.   Not looking for a wife. not for a while.   Not looking for a woman that uses her phone while on a date.

Want to get out,  get to know me?  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.



Cigars, Smooth Bourbon and a few shots of the dice.   Seen too much to care about a whole lot, and set strongly in a compilation of ideals that are mostly self serving while holding to  culture and heritage.

45 years.  Speak 4 languages fluently.  Self proclaimed womanizer. Foreign but familiar.

Appreciate beauty and intelligence in women, as well as an unspoken co-dependency, very much a fixer.  Or destroyer.

Don’t deal well in bullshit, though you’re welcome to have yours.

Ideal Date:  Dinner we wont eat, drinks that we’ll imbibe too much on, your panties in my pocket the entire time.



This guy is in his early thirties, is an ex-porn star that likes rock music, black coffee and drinking good whiskey. Also likes playing pool at Lou’s. Which is where you can usually find him when he’s not pulling shifts here and there at The Clam. Other than that he enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out with family, having bar-b-ques by the pool.

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