Police Press Conference, Raid Polarizes City

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Hathian Police officials announced during a press conference on Tuesday, the result of what it describes as “a highly successful operation carried out by brave members of the HPD” in its efforts to arrest members of the The Immortals gang, sometimes known by their family name, the Zeros.

To deliver the announcement, Detective Lieutenant Angel Moonshadow, head of the PD’s Major Crimes Unit, stood behind a table littered with what she claims to be “a vast amount of drugs” and drug paraphernalia. At each side, an arsenal of automatic firearms propped up menacingly below cases of ammunition. As a backdrop, four of the prisoners, all members of The Immortals, donned orange jumpsuits in their prison cells.

“This is what we found in their evil den,” said Moonshadow. “It is quite clear they are intent on violence and murder from the weapons. They are responsible for countless deviant acts and kidnapping. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the operation was the discovery of this vast amount of drugs.”

Despite Moonshadow’s claim that the raid revealed a clear intent, many observers have disputed the notion, including one journalist in attendance. WKRK DJ Kian Travis pointed out during a line of questioning that The Immortals have a well-known stance against drug use. As Travis proceeded to call the veracity of the case into question, Moonshadow called for a fellow officer to have the popular radio host ejected from the media gathering and subsequently cavity searched.

Further claims were called into question by the reporters assembled, such as an alleged plot to funnel drugs through the Columtreal University student body.

“We found documents proving that they have been planning to use Columtreal Student and member of their gang Kaidn Zero to distribute drugs to the University students!” Moonshadow exclaimed. “By smashing their network the HPD has stopped these sick bastards from poisoning Hathian’s Children.”

Meanwhile others have applauded the imprisonment of The Immortals, alleging ties to a slew of crimes that have terrorized the city. During the conference, Moonshadow confirmed that The Immortals are suspected in a number of other crimes, which include kidnapping, distribution of narcotics and assaults on both the police and civilians.

As she read of the litany of charges, Moonshadow proceeded to taze one prisoner, Garrett Zero, multiple times until he convulsed and required medical attention. Moonshadow said that the aforementioned Zero urinated during her leg during the conference. Soon after, Moonshadow ejected media from the premises.

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