Dead Body Found In Water

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On Monday morning, Fire Department of Hathian Lieutenants Emily Cooper and Philip Aubin arrived at the shack near the beach to respond to a call. The location has become a popular spot for 911 calls as of late.

Officer Bart Olbers was already at the scene and pointed out blood trails leading to the shack on the beach near the diner. He suggested that someone might have dumped a body in the water, so he’d called for the Fire Department to investigate.

Lieutenant Cooper put on her diving suit and entered the water to do an underwater search while Lieutenant Aubin assisted from the shore. Cooper soon found the body of an eighteen year old girl laying on the bottom of the water, her slit throat. Cooper dragged the body out of the water and with Aubin’s help, got her on the gurney.

“It was a gruesome find, and a tragic fate for someone that young. I hope the police find whoever did this,” Lieutenant Cooper reported.

In discussion wih Officer Olbers and Detective Kobra Wayne, it was reported that the police were investigating the matter as a murder and the victim was still unidentified. Officer Olbers quoted, “The girl was about eighteen, white, brown hair and eyes. That’s about it. The girl was killed.”

The scene was handed over to the Medical Examiner and Major Crimes Unit.

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