YouTube Video of Drunk HPD Officer Goes Viral

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An uploaded YouTube video featuring one of Hathian’s finest captures a moment that is definitely not the finest for the Hathian Police Department.

The video, uploaded February 8, 2015, shows an HPD officer, identified by comments left on the video as Officer Werner Ludwig, in full uniform as he stumbled drunkenly along Bourbon Street. At one point in the video, Officer Ludwig fell down into the street near the adult video store. The video ends with the officer saying to a woman off camera, possibly the recorder of the video, “Sup c***, got any panties under that dress?”

This kind of conduct is an embarrassing moment for the Hathian Police Department, and the fact that it is circulating around the Internet makes it even more embarrassing.

The video’s uploader, going by the screen name EffYouHPD, could not be reached for comment. The video has registered over 230,000 hits as of this writing.

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