Beloved Coffee Guru & Son Die Tragically

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Beloved coffee guru, Piaget Michel Hax (42) and his son, Joshua Thomas Hax (17) died late Thursday from injuries sustained in a car accident. Since the time of the accident, dozens of local Hathian residents who knew and wanted to honor Hax and his son have been posting messages of support and love and dropping flowers by the Daily Grind that Piaget managed for nearly a decade, making him a fixture in the Hathian community.

Piaget and Joshua are survived by their wife and mother, Rachel Elizabeth Quinn (38), and their daughters and sisters, Isadora Beth Wirsing (18) and Pia Michelle Hax (16). Hax’s late wife is planning to host a public memorial service at The Daily Grind coffee shop for both Piaget and Joshua, followed by a brief candlelight walk to the ocean where the ashes of father and son will be scattered. Date and time to be announced.

((OOC: Michael Patrick Garland died on 2/12/2015 leaving behind a large family and a huge number of friends in both real life and second life. We respectfully request that the IC memorial for his characters be uninterrupted and drama free as we take this time to grieve for our friend both IC and OOC.))

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