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Over the last couple of months the Hathian General Hospital has being receiving bad publicity out of rage and anger from members of the community, Many have reasons for their rage. After recent events in the area, the hospital has had to jump into action and save the lives of people who citizens feel did not deserve to be saved, from public workers like police officers to criminals that attempted to take the lives of many innocent citizens and not so innocent citizens of Hathian.

But the staff of the hospital go into work every day not knowing what’s going to come through the doors. They put their own lives at risk to save others and members of the community feel like they can disrespect them. If it wasn’t for the staff, we wouldn’t be blessed with our lives, our kids, our bodies and our health.

I personally would like to thank the Hathian General Hospital for their amazing work and we are very blessed to have such a dedicated elite staff of doctors, nurses, paramedics and even the general workers who keep the place up and running. It’s a small minority of people that dislike the hospital because the vast majority of citizens are grateful to have you guys.

Thank you.

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