Justified Revenge?

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Over the last couple of days, people might have noticed disturbing images and statements coming from Clover Fordyce’s social media page about a certain individual that is being tortured by Fordyce herself.

Upon further investigation, I got speaking to her about her motive behind this distressing attack. She told me that this man, Julius Cherie raped, her about 9-12 months ago when he was impersonating himself as a police officer. This vicious attack made the woman crave revenge, and today we have been informed she was successful with her revenge.

I asked her what condition the man was in and she said this “IĀ ripped his balls off, beat him to a fucking pulp, stabbed a knife through his cheeks, nailed his eye, gouged the other out.. I lose track.” These actions are extreme and brutal but the argument is – does he deserve it or not? I questioned if she was planning to let him live or die and she said, “whether he dies or not, it’s his own fault. People need to see what happens when they fuck with me.”

Fordyce posted on her Twitter account saying, “shit hes bleeding out i wanted to prolong this one.” Shortly after, she got replies from many different people explaining the best way to keep somebody alive.

When asked if she had anything else to say, she simply replied, “don’t fuck with me.”

The real question is what are the after effects of this attack by Fordyce. Will the man face justice for what he’s done or will she face justice for seeking her revenge?

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