Theater Gets New Life

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The movie theater on the Hathian Highway is a well known establishment, with it’s large presence and flashy lights, but even with this, it has falling on hard times. Recently, it was sold to a local entrepreneur in hopes of breathing life into the venue.

Audrina Tolsen, who is now the proprietor of establishment, says that it’s now an event venue, offering a full bar and stage, ready for any kind of performance, for people to rent out for private or public events. Though this does not mean citizens can’t still watch their favourite movies!

The grand opening is set for the upcoming weekend, August 2nd at 4 PM SLT, with an all too fitting theme of ‘old Hollywood’. A prize of $500 cash will be given out to the best outfit fitting this theme.

With the upcoming grand opening happening this weekend, staff are eagerly looking for new people to join their team. Job positions such as bartenders and hostesses are open. Anyone with talents, be it singers, dancers, bands, and entertainers in general are also being sought.

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