Police Arrest Kat Middleton After Shots Fired

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Police arrest Kat Middleton on Hathian Highway

It was a win/lose situation that played out on Hathian Highway in the afternoon on October 25, 2013. Police apprehended local citizen Kat Middleton after a brief showdown where two female officers and a male officer attempted to arrest Middleton for allegedly firing at the male officer, not once but twice, once into the vest and again narrowly missing and grazing the officers cheek.

In a struggle to subdue the suspect, the male officer received a blow to the chest by the suspects boot then collapsed. Officers Beaumont and Weaver quickly came to the aid of their fallen comrade and apprehended the suspect, but not before Middleton was able to throw some kicks at the officers.

The officer that went down in the line of duty was Officer S. Jones, ironically the same officer that said quote, “Yes I have one thing to say, all criminals will be brought to JUSTICE” in the article, Got Cops? An Indepth Look at Policing in Hathian.

On the ground beside the suspect was what appeared to be a .357 revolver confiscated later by police. Middleton at the scene was wearing a plastic crown and spoke about a fire. The officer at the scene made mention of a meth lab that was spoken about on the social media website Twitter previously by Middleton. Middleton was also seen yelling at the officers about being the one who quote, “…painted that threat outside…” and then said quote, “Nice try, but you ain’t no Mad Hatter.”

Shortly thereafter EMTs arrived on the scene and rushed Officer Jones to Hathian Hospital for emergency care and both officers Beaumont and Weaver whisked the suspect off in their squad car before this reporter on scene had a chance to question her. The condition of Officer Jones is unknown at the time of writing this article.

Youth Reporter, Michiaki Yamaguchi

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