Protest Against Monsanto Hits Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

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Jimmie’s Chicken Shack on Berthier Street was the scene of a protest led by a Rastafarian woman by the name of Journey, who believes that the restaurant chain is buying food supplied by Monsanto.

Monsanto is a huge bio chemical company which is well known for developing  genetically modified crops, meaning produce has chemicals added to it before it is used to make food sold in stores or restaurants.

Journey revealed why she was protesting,  “FDA be suckin’ Monsanto’s cock, let them be messin’ with our food and don’t label nothin’. You each an apple, tomorrow you may grow a tail.” claiming that “It be everywhere. Hormones in dead flesh make little whores out of our children… 7 year olds look 16! Mother Nature be weepin’ sista… she be weepin’!”

“I be asking EVERY business ta expose where they be gettin’ food and what be in they food! Prove they don’t be corrupted Babylon!” Journey stated, explaining to the Hathian Observer that she had “left my commune ta spread the word. Be here, just I and I.”

Journey claims she will be hitting other restaurants and food stores in the surrounding area, “I be checkin’ it all out… Hathian be healthy when I and I be done..” also revealing that she plans to carry out a march to demand the legalization of cannabis. “They be takin’ away me herb yet want ta poison me here! Next I be marchin’ on Babylon itself ta legalize cannabis. Jah’s own gift… Babylon steal from de people..”

Jimmie’s Chicken Shack declined to comment about the source of it’s food suppliers and refused to respond to the allegations made by the protest. The protests will continue, according to Journey. “Be time fo’ de people ta speak de truu… be shoutin’ de truu so Babylon itself shake.”

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