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Sometimes life really starts to rear its ugly head and take you away from the things you love. It’s happened to us all – as roleplayers  it happens as we try to get a good story going and as leaders when we try to run one of the many businesses around. As someone who does that and more I have realized lately that the number of angry IMs and notecards have increased and it isn’t only because of the normal kind of impatience of players who really want that CD Citizen tag or to know if their ideas can be brought to life. Life has brought me to a point where being an admin/”proxy”/right hand and taking care of applications, rentals, land, griefers, build changes, prim overlord, RP moderator, OOC moderator … oh, and roleplayer is just not possible.

To those of you who have tried to get something done through me the past two months and its been painfully slow or impossible – you have my deepest apologies. To those who didn’t even get a response? It really is never my intention to ignore. To those that I say “I will pass this on to Nadir” and that didn’t happen…again, so sorry! With so much on my plate I have to start taking things off so starting May that will be my admin position (cause heck if I’m ever going to stop roleplaying in these marvelous sims!).

This means that:

  • No, I will not pass on what you need to Nadir. I am no longer his proxy.
  • No, I can not help you with your land or rental (and no we don’t reserve!). See Nadir Taov.
  • No, I can not tell you when you will be eligible for a gun tag (not that it was ever really that possible). See Nadir Taov.
  • No, I can not help you with your RP/MG/PG issue. See http://live.thecrackden.com/inworldhelp/
  • No, I can not help you with your OOC issues. See Stu Canning, Drew Dwi, Bluebell Noel or Audrina Tolsen.
  • No, I can not see if your application has been approved or help you with group invite issues.  See Stu Canning, Drew Dwi, Bluebell Noel or Audrina Tolsen.
  • No, I cannot change that build. See Nadir Taov.
  • No, I cannot rez props for you. See Audrina Tolsen, Stu Canning or Bluebell Noel.
  • No, I cannot help you with your business proposal or business rental. See Stu Canning or Audrina Tolsen.
  • No, I will not see how many prims you have out (Click the rental boxes twice! ). See Nadir Taov.


I am sure there is plenty more I won’t have time to do – I just can’t even remember what else I have been doing. I will be here to ban griefers, restart the sims or any emergency, but, for the most part, consider me powerless to do any of the things you are used to me doing. Will I be around for RP? Yes! Will I help if  you are needing direction for an event or sim plot? Sure, if I have the time! Will I send out a notice for you? Yes, If I am online at the moment you need it sent out. Will the rest of the staff need to fill my shoes? They already have! Not much will change, except you will be hearing less from me as an admin. Stu, Drew, Blue, and  Audrina have much of the abilities I had.

If you’re interested in helping out as security or leader, then stay tuned for the new website and forums where Nadir will outline what we look for and how you can volunteer. This RP community stays strong because of all the people who put their time and effort in it – whether their role is GM, RP Leader or CD Hooker (We all know we love them hookers XD).

Thank you all for being so awesome to work with and I look forward to abusing you solely ICly from now on,

Espi (avatar name: Esperanza Hernandoz)

Email/flickr: [email protected]

Twitter: twitter.com/reject_angel


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