Teenager Claims HPD Officer Assaulted Her

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Siddalee Matfield reveals that the officer had broken her guitar
Siddalee Matfield reveals that the officer had broken her guitar

The whole incident was messed up, There was this cop, bullying me, a KID, and when a nice person came to my defense, Lorena kicked her where the sun don’t shine, and then cracked her on the head with her baton! It took my friend, and another bystander to get me away from her..”

Teenager and daughter of Dr James Matfield who works for Hathian General Hospital, revealed that she had been allegedly assaulted by an abusive officer by the name of Lorena Hendrassen, 25.  Siddalee O’ Connell- Matfield, 13, described how she had been standing on the streets of Hathian Highway with her guitar and was in the process of getting it out of the case when, according to Matfield,  Officer Hendrassen knocked her over after walking right into her.”I was right here, gettin’ ready to play my guitar. She came up and knocked me over, started screamin’ at me. I said it wasn’t my fault, and that she should pay more attention. That’s it. Then that’s when she stepped on my guitar, a woman came, and tried to help. It made Officer Lorena angry, so she threatened her, and broke my guitar.” Matfield also revealed that when she tried to run away, the officer managed to stop her.  “I got some bruises and such, mostly on m’legs because while I was trying to run away, she tripped me with her baton. And I got bruises all down my back cause of it.”

Officer Hendrassen vehmently denies the allegations
Officer Hendrassen vehmently denies the allegations

The teenager claims that three people tried to help her, one adult male, one adult female who Officer Hendrassen apparently knocked unconscious and Matfield’s friend, Michi. She does not how ever know the names of the two adults and her friend Michi was unavailable to comment.  “It makes me scared, that someone as crazy and mean as that, is a cop! I don’t think she should be a damn cop anymore, if she’s going around beating on nice people and kids!”  Matfield added.  When the Hathian Observer got in touch with Officer Hendrassen, she immediately denied the claims despite the teenager having captured images of her kicking and injuring an adult female on her phone. “this lil gal lyin’, ah ain’ done no such thang an’ she an’ her daddy crazy. Yus, ah may has broke her gee-tar but ah was insult’ed by this lil gal ackin’ lahk she older then her age. An’ then we has peeple gittin’ involve that has no raht to stick they nose into this business…Ah was jus’ doin’ mah job an’ this harassmen’ is whut ah get? It ain’ worth it nohow.”  The officer then revealed that she had a special dislike for the teenager since she claimed that, “she a Devil worshippin’ sinner an’ her daddy ain’ no better. Ah request her to play a Christian song an’ she jus’ flipped out, out an’ out cussin’ lahk some kin’ of She-Devil. Who raise this kid to be lahk this? Dr Matfield need to spend more tahm with his daughter…teech her some manners.” The officer also revealed that she has since been seen to by Captain Bliour Michaels since the incident and has promised to work on her attitude despite her claims that “ah did nuthin’ wrong but let folk beleeve whut they wan’…the Truth will come out.” and put forward that she was a respectable member of the community. “ah’m fosterin’ a chil’ with rabies at the momen’, her name is Sammy an’ ah’m also an officer of the law..ah ain’ nothin’ but respecktable.”  Tensions between officers and members of the public sometimes run high and this seems to be another case that might have involved a member of the HPD acting out of the line of duty.

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