Dr Madison Weaver Dies In Hathian General Hospital

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Dr Madison Weaver's body was being held at the morgue.
Dr Madison Weaver's body is being held at the morgue.
Dr Madison Weaver’s body is being held at the morgue.

Doctor Madison Weaver, 39, was pronounced dead at 10.50pm on 05/02/13 while on a visit to her daughter who had been admitted to the hospital after falling sick from flu. Sources revealed that the doctor had collapsed suddenly and  inexplicably on top of her daughter, Juliana Weaver during her visit. When doctors came to her aid, Dr. Madison Weaver had no pulse, or heart beat, and was pronounced dead.

Dr Weavers husband, James Weaver, 40, had arrived at the hospital earlier and shortly after finding out his wife was dead proceeded to go on a rampage, apparently acting out on his grief and managed to damage a hospital bed and several pieces of equipment before he managed to calm himself down.

James Weaver and his wife Madison Weaver.
James Weaver and his wife Madison Weaver. (Weaver is a tall man.)

Staff revealed that Madison had been fighting a long,  on-going battle with Liddle’s Syndrome, a rare disorder of the liver that causes symptoms like hypertension and hypokalemia, among others. Dr River Laveau, a colleague who worked with Weaver at the Hathian General Hospital stated that, “It’s just so tragic. She was a good doctor and a good friend. I don’t know what we’re gonna do without her. I wish I could have saved her…”

Laveau was reported by staff as being besides Dr Weaver’s bedside when she passed away and assisted the Weaver family in the hospital to come to terms with her loss. Her death was reported to hospital staff shortly afterwards with staff reactions to Weaver’s death being varied. Some were saddened by her sudden death and others not so saddened, “She’ll be missed… No. Not really. She was a bitch!“one staff member was reported as saying.


Dr Madison Weaver leaves behind her husband James Weaver, her twin children Juliana and Joelle Weaver, 5, as well as a newborn baby, Shaun Weaver.



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