Valentines Day Best Head Spa Specials

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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and if you’re wondering what’s the Best gift for that someone special you love, check out the day Spa Specials at Best Head:

Let’s be real here, Men..

You really want your Ladies to be sitting there over that expensive bottle of wine wishing they had waxed that 80’s bush that they have going down below?
Didn’t think so, no one wants hair in there food!

So… Get your Lazy *** Down to the Best Head and buy your woman a GIFT CARD So she can be as smooth as a baby’s bottom for your big night. That also goes for you too, ladies! Don’t let your man go out with a full out forest down below, make sure you can see through the weeds to find the Tree!

Best Head will be offering ton’s of Spa Specials that will include: Chocolate Facials, Strawberry Champagne Pedicures, and Couples Massage. So, please make sure you indulge in a little relaxation this coming Valentine’s Day.

Treat your sweetheart or get primped and pampered with these Cupid-Approved
Spa Packages.

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