Mysterious Threat to Valentine’s Day

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The following letter was mailed to the Hathian Observer, it has been edited for language.


Look at you. This place is not for you. For you seeking fairy tales and happily ever after. Hathian does not want you here. Hathian will destroy all that you hold dear. Your beautiful home, your happy marriage, your innocent children – they do not belong to you anymore. They belong to the city; and this city… does not like happy endings. We are a city full of damaged people, a city united in our scars. Not our hopes. You fools, who call 911 expecting help. You weaklings, who write to the paper and demand justice. LEAVE. This city is not for you. It is for us. We thrive on the chaos you see only in your nightmares. This is not the place for you. For your families. For your white picket fences. This city belongs to us. And when you settle here, you belong to the city. You’ll all see on Valentine’s Day… and that is only the beginning. 

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