Notorious Drug Cartel Leader Black Widow Finds New Nesting Ground In Hathian

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The Black Widow has been sighted in the streets of Hathian most recently.
The drug cartel leader known as the Black Widow is believed to be living in Hathian, in an attempt to set up her operation here.

From the West coast to the swampy backwaters of New Orleans, Hathian, notorious drug runner the ‘Black Widow’ has made the city her new home. Known also under the aliases of  Carina Masters and Andrea Coolage as well as Stephani Parks, the criminal thought to be in her twenties has been sighted in Hathian after the recent article running in the L.A Times over her sudden departure and wanted status.

The Black Widow has been sighted in the streets of Hathian most recently.

Detective Landry from the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that, “Carina Masters – probably not her real name we think – or the Black Widow as she’s also known as, ran with a gang from the age of 13-18. We’d get cases of men being lured by the Black Widow, beaten and robbed, sometimes turning up dead..but she moved on, ditched her old gang…started a drug ring with a guy by the name of Ripper, they took it state wide and we’re seeing her operating on a national scale building up city by city. She’s highly dangerous- with 45 known  murders behind her and she’s aided in hundreds more.” The Detective also stated that, “Masters has outstanding warrants in the state of California and in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. We know she’s out there pushing drugs, we were on her trail but she managed to throw us off..temporarily…we will find her…”

The LAPD also revealed that the Black Widow’s  signature mark  is the hour glass carved into the body of her victim. Victim have included innocent bystanders and cops, among gang members and dealers who have crossed her path.  “We reckon she’s sold up to at least 2.5 billion worth of drugs since she started this cartel…she’s professional and bad news in any city.” Detective Landry stated to the Hathian Observer when asked about the criminal’s track record. “if you see her…don’t approach her but call the police..she’s dangerous and will not heistate to harm anybody who is in her way.” the Detective emphasized in our brief interveiw with him.

With other gangs operating in the drug trade here in Hathian, the Black Widow might cause a strong reaction and a turf war amongst the others dealing their goods on the streets of the city. Whether she will manage to be successful and evade arrest is yet to be determined but her arrival may threaten the balance of things as they stand in Hathian.



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