Sex! Are you a man who likes it dirty?

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Now that we have your attention… do you like dirty sex? Ever wonder what it was like to stick it to a pro? For free? Oh yes, lets not forget this is a free offer! How, you ask? What professional would let you fill her holes for free? Ever wanted to see a woman willing to let you do anything you want to her?

Right here in Hathian, we play host to one of the actresses of such porn flicks as:

Some Like it Hawt
From Russians with Lust
Buttman & Throbbin’
A Cockwork Orgy
Charlie’s Analz
Star Trek: The Next Penetration

So what does this all mean for you? This beautiful Russian, skilled at what she does, and completely willing to cater to your needs has one need in return. She needs a play-husband so she can stay in the country. Legal marriage on paper to make her a citizen and she will gladly provide for you the benefits that come with a wife… without the jealousy!

Interested parties should contact 665-381-6969 (( IM Mialeta Darkwatch)) by phone only or 665-276-8913 ((IM Valmont Marseille)) by phone or text for further information.

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