TS Isaac Spinning In the Gulf; Residents Urged to Prepare

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Instead of worrying about dizzying heat and humidity this week in Hathian, residents may have to confront something much worse.  A very large and vicious looking storm named Isaac seems to be heading this way, with Hathian, and much of the gulf coast, in its sight.  As of this writing, the storm was classified by the National Weather Service as a tropical storm, however the strength is expected to grow and it will likely be upgraded to a category 1 hurricane  in the next 24 hours.  Already, the National Weather Service has issued a hurricane warning as a result of the size and the direction of the storm, and there are serious concerns of wind, torrential rain, flooding, and as it is with many tropical storms, the dreaded storm surge.

Many residents still remember the devastating hurricane which clocked our city, and much of the Gulf coast, 7 years ago this week.  Remnants of Katrina’s destruction still liter the city, including graffiti on a shack by Slim Goodies Diner stating eloquently, as only a Hathian-ite could, “Katrina, You Bitch!”   Will similar love letters be left after Isaac makes his appearance?  Only time will tell.  But residents are urged to take the warnings from the weather service seriously and to not underestimate the power of mother nature.

There are no mandatory evacuations at this time, however, residents are urged to be prepared and take all necessary precautions. As always keep up to date with the Hathian Observer and WKRK for further information and announcements.  Get ready to batten down the hatches folks, and grab your umbrellas.  This could be a bumpy ride.

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