Do Ghosts Walk on the Winds of Isaac?

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It was a dark and stormy night.  This phrase has been the beginning of countless tales featuring creatures of the night from werewolves to ghosts.  In Hathian, there are many things to fear during the dark hours of a midnight storm much like the impending hours that will follow the landfall of Hurricane Isaac.  But while many Hathianites will fear a loss of power; the carrion call for all manner of unsavory dealings in Hathian, other citizens may fear a more paranormal encounter, but is there a reason to fear?  Paranormal Scientists belive there may be.  After all, these stories begin with a dark and stormy night, and not just for setting an ominous mood.

Research into the paranormal has left many questions regarding the ability for spirits to manifest.  The formost idea for spirit manifestation whether it be a physical manifestation or one such as an electronic voice phenomenon is the idea of energy drain.  To manifest in some way, spirits must take energy from the environment around to use.  This explains the cold spots in the air associated with ghostly activity.  The spirit drains the heat from the air, generating a cold spot.  It also explains the inexplicable loss of battery life in electronics that, only moments before, had full battery life.  Energy drain can even occur from people.  So is it any surprise that some scientists believe weather can cause an extreme change in paranormal activity?

Hurricanes offer a monsterous amount of energy for the paranormally inclined.  Lightning, Wind, Rain.  These three weather conditions make the brunt of Hurricane weather.  Both wind and lightning are the most energetic forces on earth.  Both can be harnassed to create electricity for humankind.  This energy can also offer a spiritual entity the extra “juice” needed to manifest and interact with they physical world.

With Katrina’s destructive rampage seven years ago this week, Hurricane Isaac’s oncoming power could stir up the spiritual energy surrounding all costal Louisiana towns including Hathian.  Could we expect a rise in paranormal encounters?  Should we fear a ghostly encounter with a wrongfully deceased?  No.  The only things Hathianites should fear are the effects of Hurricane Isaac.  So make sure homes are boarded and emergency gear is well stocked. We have a strong storm headed to us, Hathian.  Keep your eyes and your mind open.

Should you experience anything during this torm, please contact Lance Lantash at Columtreal University or Hathian Observer to tell your tales and answer your questions.

Stay safe, Hathian.

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