Near Hit & Run Turns Into Crash

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A vehicle nearly struck but thankfully narrowly missed an elderly woman ((NPC)) on the streets of Hathian before it collided with a telephone pole a few miles out of town.

The red Toyota truck, operated by Theo Johnson and Charlice Deer, was reportedly weaving in and out of oncoming traffic at a speed lower than the posted speed limit until it nearly crashed into another car head in the quiet outskirts of the city.

The truck swerved, missing the other car, before hopping the curb and striking the telephone pole at what is suspected to be close to 60 MPH. The front end of the truck was completely crushed by the force, which caused the airbags to deploy.

While neither of them tested positive for illegal blood alcohol limits, Johnson eventually tested positive for opiates and was charged with a DUI before being released on bail. Deer was not charged.

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