Police Raid On Skullz NightClub Leaves Officers Wounded, Several Arrests Made.

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Skullz NightClub was the location of a recent drug raid by the HPD
Skullz NightClub was the location of a recent drug raid by the HPD

Last week the Hathian Police Department made a successful raid on the night club known as Skullz, owned by the Kromskull family in Devils Pocket. The raid was carried out by officers and detectives from the HPD after a false tip off led the police to investigate a warehouse nearby the club – which turned out to be empty. The raid on the warehouse was a failed attempt at finding Officer Sterlings, but the search drew no clues or success.

The officers then moved in on the nightclub after apprehending three females who were carrying two dufflebags with drugs out past the warehouse. The HPD’s sniffer dog first alerted officer Benedict Cuthbertsson to the women, who had been trying to evade police as they searched the warehouse-with Cuthbertsson standing outside on guard with the sniffer dog.

Ash Kromskull, one of the members of the Kromskull family

Officers in the raid involved included officers Cuthbertsson, Jessica Susser and Gina Akish as well as Michael Muromachi and Solari who were accompanied by Detective Rabid Calhern,  led by Lieutenant David Gutter. The force were able to detain the three suspects who claimed that they were moving the bags out of the club as a favor to the nightclub owners but hadn’t had time to check what was in the bags and were unaware that they contained drugs. While officers Cuthbertsson and Woe sang heu stayed back to guard the females-one of who was shot as she attempted to intervene the sniffer dog from attacking one of the suspects – the remaining members of the force moved in on the nightclub where they were met by the Kromskulls and several of their friends armed with baseball bats and knives.


Rhage Kromskull, Owner of the Skullz NightClub and liquor store

This statement was issued by Lieutenant Gutter: “ We took full action  by using force with our armed weapons. Four of the officers were injured during the take down and six suspects were taken into custody and transported to the HGH for gun shot wounds.”  A gunfight erupted once the members of the HPD were inside the night club and the officers were attacked by several members of the staff and management as well as patrons. The HPD squad were able to overcome their attackers and make several arrests, as stated by Lt. Gutter.

The Skullz night club has only recently opened and is already being surrounded by controversy as this recent raid proves. The Kromskull family also own a liquor store nearby and the club kicked off a successful club opening not too long ago. A statement provided by the general manager LJ was issued to the press in defence of the family run business: “I would like to let the city of Hathian know that we do not hold drugs on our premises but unfortunately a patron of the club had hidden two or three bags with the drugs at the club and as soon as we were made aware of this fact then we attempted to take the drugs away from the club.. I have  promised not only my family and close friends and  employees  that Skullz Night club would be a place all people from all walks of life are welcome to come and party it up drink and have fun   but drugs are not welcome here ! We don’t expect the HPD to understand but we are innocent of the charges against us.”

LJ general manager of Skullz nightclub issued a statement defending the club.

The night club has a mixed clientle-with people from all backgrounds seen at the club, including gang members and city workers as well as those who enjoy partying on a regular basis. While it is up to the HPD to determine whether or not there was a misunderstanding or not, the Kromskulls are determined to carry on business as normal, letting people know that the club is open for people to dance and enjoy themselves with drinks and events taking place on a regular basis.

Officer Sterlings has been recovered and was treated at Hathian General Hospital for injuries. At this moment the details of her release have been withheld by the HPD, Lieutenant Gutter claiming that “a confession was obtainedd from one of the suspects holding Sterlings but at the moment we can’t comment on the details of her release.” The HPD have als declined to comment on who was behind the kidnapping and what they wanted from Officer Sterling, although the case of Sergeant Fox being abducted was not too long ago and the HPD may want make sure that members of their force are more secure patrolling the streets of Hathian if more abductions of the squad are to be prevented.

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