Paranormal Possessions in Hathian?

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Ghost Hunters in District 8

After last week’s article, “Trinity Church… Haunted or Not?” , there was a large showing of people to the next paranormal fact finding mission on the evening of July 28, 2012, in District 8. Approximately thirty people showed up and were broken off into groups of three. The individuals, who were new to the process, brought what they thought would be handy: flashlights, camcorders, EMF (electro magnetic field) detectors.

Leaders distributed other materials to their group members and gave them particular parameters to search for paranormal activity.  One group’s designated location was an overpass near the old fire building. Reportedly two members experienced paranormal phenomena. Of these two individuals, one noted drops in temperature on their digital thermometer when under the overpass. In this area the temperature dropped from the mid 80’s to the low 60’s.

One team of ghost hunters

This overpass had been the location of many agonizing deaths. My source states her friend complained of a cold sensation following her after moving away from the overpass. She states her friend was then stricken with some sickness and fell to the ground twitching. Allegedly the woman had become possessed by a male spirit asking for help. My source stated her friend’s voice changed, her eyes remained wide and her body convulsed sporadically.

Scene of possession

The other members of this group were skeptical an actual possession had occurred as they are so rare. However, the group leader challenged the possible spirit (or demon) to come out of the woman’s body and in time she came around, complaining of being cold, nauseous and overall not feeling well. She had no memory of the events after her black out.

My source, Dani Riaxik, was very vocal and upset over what happened to her friend. She stated, “The group leader was racist and a republican!” Ms. Riaxik and her friend left the ghost hunt after this occurance.

We citizens must ask ourselves, are these ghost huntings safe? Are there actually ghosts in Hathian? And if so, do they mean the living harm?

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