Message Left To Chief & HPD Through Gruesome Victims

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The victim is attended to by paramedic Kayla Stephens as Officer Tomoko inspects the victim

A gruesome scene greeted officers at the Hathian Police Department on Wednesday as a dead, blood soaked  body was discovered dumped  ouside of the station.  The victim has been identified as a male in his early twenties, known by the name of Harper. The victim was also identified as a ‘femboy’, a male with feminine looking appearance, and details have emerged to reveal that he was brutally raped, as well as having his eyes gouged and tongue and ears cut. The victim’s throat had been cut, resulting in the cause of death, with “Serve and Protect Andel” carved on his chest.  An anonymous note was dropped by the Observer office:

“I did the kill to show Andel he still has no power in this city. He don’t listen, he don’t talk and he don’t watch or pay any attention to whats going on right under his nose. And this is for you Andel, we are still here and this is far from over.

The next night, the HPD were to recieve another delivery – this time that of a blood soaked male, thought to be in his twenties, discovered again left outside the police station, tied up  with numerous cuts all over his body. The victim’s lips were apparently sewn up with a note sewn to the man’s chest, a butt plug was also discovered inserted up the man’s rear end. An anonymous source has revealed the note read: “Serve and protect Andel. Miss me yet?”  The Observer was also contacted by a source claiming to be an associate of Zero, with a message for the Chief, shortly after the victim was delivered to the station, seen thrown out of a taxi.  “Andel fails time and time again to protect Hathian, so worried about winning petty battles for his ego that he fails to do the basics of his job. The citizens of Hathian need to realise the violence won’t stop and no one will be safe till he resigns and gets his ass out of town”  The message couldn’t be any clearer – this family seems to be engaging on all out assault on the HPD.

The victim is attended to by paramedic Kayla Stephens as Officer Hernandez inspects the victim

 Once the victim’s lips were unstitched, he spoke to Officers Tomoko and Morpork who were on scene at the time, while paramedic Kayla Stephens arrived to help treat the victim who has yet to be identified. The victim told the officers that his kidnapper had told him to deliver this statement, “She said to tell Chief Andel that this was his fault for not protecting the city. She said he needs to know who is in charge and that’s us…” A  possible suspect in this case may be Genievieve Milos,  according to anonymous sources who tipped The Hathian Observer to the scene.

Officer Tomoko Hernandez and paramedic Stephens with the brutally tortured victim

With bodies being delivered – one dead and one alive, but clearly tortured – directly to the doorstep of the HPD,  the city will wait to see what Chief Andel’s next move is. Will he continue to tighten the net and crack down on these criminal figures? The pressure is on the HPD, although the police seem to be taking action and making moves to tracking down the people involved in these gruesome abduction and murder ordeals, but whether the outcome will be succesful remains to be seen.


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