Hathian’s Slayer Released

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Rebecca Ann Summers, once the scourge of Hathian’s streets under the pseudonym of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” has reportedly been released from a high security New Orleans mental institution.

Summers was incarcerated over a year ago following a string of brutal and gruesome murders. She is also rumoured to have been a ringleader for the now defunct “Dolls” gang, and it was reportedly the climax in a war with the Lower Ninth Rejects that finally destroyed Summers mentally and physically.

It is believed that Rebecca, a former student at Columtreal University, was due to inherit a substantial trust fund and that this will provide for her ongoing care privately.


A spokesperson for the New Orlean’s Institute For The Criminally Insane told the Observer “Rebecca has been progressing well under our care and we have managed to resolve a number of her issues however her mental state remains perilous and only a loving, caring environment will be able to heal her further. We have done all we can for her and hope her trustees will be able to find her a suitable home.”

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