All Hail the Chief?

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The Hathian Observer was given a mysterious videotape earlier this evening.  Below is a transcript of what was on the video:

*The video starts out inside what appears to be a representation of the oval office of the United States President.  Suddenly the song “All Hail the Chief” begins to play in the background as the camera moves over towards what looks like the president’s desk and the chair which the back of it is facing the camera. On the back of the chair is the emblem of the Hathian Police Department.  The chair begins to turn around revealing Chief Andel sitting in the president’s chair with the music stopping*

An image of Chief Andel taken from the video



“Hello there citizens of Hathian! Many of you most likely really know who I am but for those who don’t, my name is Hendrich Andel and I am the Chief of the Hathian Police Department.  I come before you today not a changed man but the same man that you have all come to know and love.  The last time most of you saw me, I gave this whole speech about how I was going to change making it seem like I was a broken defeated man even suspending and placing myself under arrest.  The truth of the matter is my loving citizens of Hathian… It was all a lie.

You may be asking yourself, why Chief Andel?  Why do all of this?  The reason is simple Hathian…. You are a bunch of fools.  You are fools for thinking that I could be turned into what you saw on the day of that speech I gave.  You are fools in thinking that I, Chief Hendrich Andel, can be defeated by mere pathetic criminals.  You are fools for thinking that you are in control of Hathian when in truth,  this city has, is and will always be… mine.

I have a message for the criminal known as Zero and his band of cowards: You thought you and your group did the impossible, you thought that you were able to defeat the great Hendrich Andel and the Hathian Police Department.  You thought wrong Zero.  All you accomplished by kidnapping me was pissing me off.  You claim that you are at war with me and my department.  I must correct you because I wouldn’t consider this a war.  That would mean both sides stand an equal chance of winning… which you don’t  And now Zero, you will have me to deal with and you will be seeing my face quite a lot.  You can hide in your little hideouts and behind your group of mindless puppets.  But rest assured, I will knock down every once of property you and your grouo own, every house, every building… wiped out.  I will take out your puppets one by one… by one.  In the end Zero, you will see me again and when you do, there will be only you and I and you Zero… will be finished.

And I also have a message for you, the people of Hathian, I know some of you fear me, I know most of you hate me.  I don’t care what you think of me but know that I will be where I am for a very long time or until I grow bored with this place and hang my uniform up for good.  There was some truth in that speech I gave a few days ago, I am worse that the criminals in this city and I’m damn proud of it. The point is that I will continue to what I do best which is bring order to Hathian… by any means necessary.  You can either accept that, know your place and stay out of my way or… you don’t and be put down like the savage animals you are.  You have been warned Hathian.  You think you saw everything with me… you haven’t seen anything yet.  Thank you and good night.”

*The Chief turns in the chair so the back of it is facing the camera.  “All Hail the Chief” plays again as the video fades out to blackness*

The Hathian Police Department was contacted about the origins of this video and the whereabouts of Chief Hendrich Andel.  The department’s public relations officer declined to comment on both the video and the current status of Chief Andel.  The video has been playing on all news networks in the city (( Does this mean that Chief Andel has returned to the Hathian Police Department?  And if so, what does this mean for Hathian?


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