Violent Attack On City Inspector Domela By Youth & Gang Associates

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The scene of the attack
The scene of the attack, Ms Domela was subjected to an assault at her own workplace.

 Late Saturday evening Denise Domela the Director of Civil Services/City Inspector was violently attacked by two young brothers known as Braiden and Teyrin Miller. In what some sources believe to be an apparent gang initiation, the two juveniles approached the City Inspector after she was overheard instructing the kids to refrain from loitering around the city office building. The kids along with two older males, who later were identified as Takashi Haramori and Reginald Wallace, both of whom are rumored to be associated with the infamous Rejects gang,  followed Miss Domela into her office all which was captured on the Civil Services security video surveillance.  As seen on the video submitted to the Hathian Police Department as evidence, Braiden Miller sprayed the woman with mace.

Following the viscous act the younger Miller child, Teyrin, began to whip the Director across the buttocks with a chain as she lay out on the floor, defenseless. The entire time the criminal act was going on Mr. Haramori and Mr. Wallace appeared to watch and block the entrance to the Civil Service office, thus becoming accomplices in the assault.  Miss Domela was later treated and released suffering severe skin burns and eye irritations, along with swelling and bruising to her lower backside.


In a statement released to the Observer from the Director she had this to say about the ordeal: “Once again it saddens me that our youth continue to follow the dangerous path of violence and crimes. Despite how these troubled children continue to treat me and other innocents of our city, as the Director of Civil Services I will continue to ensure the city’s youth benefit from child services programs provided by our City.”  An associate of Miss Domela, who wished to remain anonymous for safety concerns, had this to add on “Miss Domela has a heart of gold! Damn kids keep comin after her and committin crimes all ova, she still tries her best to help dem Miller kids out, now they gettin involved in a gang just like she feared! I wish Miss Domela would just let them rot but she too kind and too dedicated to her job!”

Charges have been filed and an investigation into the assault  is pending.


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