Chief of Police on Self-Induced Suspension, Arrested

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Chief Hendrich Andel, the victim of a kidnapping and torture ordeal.

Shocking turn of events today as Hathian Police Department Chief of Police Hendrich Andel places himself on suspension and under arrest following a brief explanation and apology before a crowded District 8 plaza. Confirming rumors and publish accounts of his kidnapping, the now suspended Chief of Police had this to say:

“Thank you all for coming this evening. There have been rumors flying around in the city that I was the victim of a brutal kidnapping by a certain gang over the last few days. I’m here to tell you that those rumors… are true. I was kidnapped and was the victim of countless vicious attacks. But I’m not here to blame those who kidnapped me. The fault of what happened to me the last few days… was my own. It was my arrogance, my selfishness, and my lack of good judgment that caused my kidnapping. But this kidnapping has not been the only events that have been caused my actions. Actions that are… not of a police chief. Actions not of a police officer. Actions of a criminal…”

“I have realized that I am no better than the criminals I was tasked with bringing to justice. No… Correct that… I’m worse. I used my position and the authority that went with it… Not to protect and serve Hathian but to control it. I used my officers, these fine men and woman under my command, as pawns to help me in my selfish attempt to take Hathian by force. And in doing so, I have caused these men and women to get assaulted and even killed” “I have failed you Hathian. I have failed the innocent people I swore to protect and serve years ago. I have failed the officers under my command. And I have failed myself” “I was the worst criminal in this city. I hurt countless of innocent people with my lust for power… my lust for violence. And…. And….. And I’m sorry Hathian”

“I realize that an apology from me doesn’t mean a thing to most of you citizens of Hathian. And I understand that… In fact, I don’t blame you at all. That is why I’m going to change my ways. I’m going to change for the better. I will no longer use my position to gain power but to gain the respect of the people. I will no longer abuse the innocent who come to the police for help. I will no longer hurt those who do not deserve it. It is time for change Hathian and it will start with me. I must better myself and for me to do that, I must face the consequences for my actions…”

“Therefore, I hereby place myself on suspension until further notice and Captain Sora Senizen in command of the Hathian Police Department. And I also place myself.. under arrest for my crimes. Hathian deserves better Chief and I can be better. This is the first step to better myself.”

It is during this and afterwards in which the Chief removed his shied and his duty belt, directing his Captain to arrest him on site. There was much rumbling of conversation and shouts at the man as he was lead away in cuffs, presumably to rest in the very jail cells that he’s put so many in during his years on the force.

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