Insanity Spreads, Arcade Asylum Expands

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For once the spreading of insanity is a good thing as kids and teens go crazy over old and new arcade games alike. Arcade Asylum has turned over so much profit that they struck a deal with Pie Hole Pizzeria and have expanded their beeping and bopping fun to the area. Walls broke down and crumbled, and the vacant shop next door was taken over by the blinking madness of Arcade Asylum’s newest extension.

“It will be noisy,” one elderly patron of the Pizzeria complained, but there was no hiding her smile as she watched kids trip over themselves on the new Dance Dance Revolution machine that was the last game to be installed.

The new manager, Iokko, only had positive things to say about the merge when asked if she thought it would have a negative effect on the Pie Hole, “I love the expansion of Pie Hole now that its merged with the Arcade, I’m hoping that we can get more in during the kids eat free night at Pie Hole. Its like a family night, as well, bringing the kids here as we now have games to keep them busy while you enjoy your pizza, too!”

Arcade Asylum owner, Scary Harry, had only one thing to say, “I’m spreadin’ my madness all overs the town, ya hear? I dun care if I got no money left. I’m even going to shove it in the back of the comic book store and if ya been dere then you know they like it in the back.”

We didn’t know that, but now that we do… maybe they’ll get more customers. Til then, check out the renovations to the Pie Hole, where you can get your game and pizza on at the same time.

((pictures by Iokko Molko))

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