Demolitions and Debris at Dawn

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The city was woken up at dawn today as trucks and crews rolled in and took down the buildings that formerly held Jimmie’s Chicken Shack and Hathian First Bank. Only one road is closed during this construction as land is filled in to create what looks to be a parking lot. No formal statement was made, but workers hinted that Master Bates Inn was getting some nicer additions, though the materials used look to be salvaged from the junk yard belonging to Hathian Motors. No doubt these rooms will be a bit pricier than the run down ones that stand there now, but perhaps this will be what encourages visitors to stay long enough to fall in love with this fair city.

Jimmie’s owner still assures that the shack will be coming back, but new info from the Health Inspector’s office leads us to believe that it wasn’t finances that caused them to shut their doors, but the unsanitary conditions of their kitchens. Good to know that the city is still looking out for the common citizen. With the expansions of Arcade Asylum and now the oldest motel in Hathian, it might be safe to say that the economy in the city is finally starting to make a turn for the better so save your food stamps for another rainy day.

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