Pregnant Officer Claims Own Life

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Officer Charlotte Scott
Officer Charlotte Scott

Tragedy struck in the early hours Monday when Hathian Police Department Officer Charlotte Scott (nee Baker) claimed her own life and that of her unborn child via a single gunshot wound to the chest. Police were summoned to the trailer park in Devils Pocket to respond to the gunfire where they found one of their own, unresponsive and bleeding on her bed. Scott was transported to Hathian General Hospital where in spite of the heroic efforts of doctors and nurses on staff she was ultimately declared dead at the age of 25.

Scott was first brought into the public eye when she arrived in Hathian last December following the grisly murder of her twin sister, Cheryl Fox, an event which inspired the native Texas officer to travel to Hathian in the pursuit of justice; a justice that was sadly never seen through. However, that was not the first nor last stroke of misfortune for Scott who two years previously was widowed when her husband, fellow Texas law enforcement officer Ethan Scott was killed in the line of duty.

The unfortunate officer fell victim to unthinkable injustice again just three months ago when the suicide bomber responsible for the destruction of the Hathian Police Department was revealed to be her boyfriend, officer Darren Michaels, an event that followed with exhaustive questioning for Scott who was stymied under an umbrella of suspicion for weeks until the internal investigation declared her free from blame. Scott herself was present and severely injured in the explosion meaning she witnessed the grisly death of her ill-intentioned partner.

“She was never really the same after that,” quoted a close friend of Officer Scott – Melody Watts. “I mean it was hard enough for her to keep going after her husband and her sister both died, but after the whole thing with Darren she just never bounced back.”

At the time of her death, Scott was approximately three months pregnant leading to speculation that the suicide bomber was the father of the child; but this speculation was negated by Watts who was quoted as saying, “Darren wasn’t the father. Charley told me she was… well, that she was raped by this cowboy she was looking for, that he was the father.” In spite of Watts’ claim, no report of rape on Officer Scott was ever filed or investigated.

Watts went on to say that Scott had been seeking psychological help to deal with so many staggering blows but that she was dropped through the cracks, never receiving any form of counseling in spite of repeated efforts to seek help. “It didn’t have to come this,” said a tearful Watts. “She shot herself in the heart, I think that says it all.”

Unbelievably, the spate of misfortune following Officer Charlotte Scott blooms into the even deeper tragedy. Bunny Fox – aged 4, will now be relegated to the Louisiana state foster care system following the unrelated murders of both her parents and now, the suicide of her aunt and guardian, thrice orphaned by violent circumstances.

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