Parking Ticket Leads to an Officer Down

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The Crime Scene

On the morning of May 27, 2012, police officer, David Gutter pulled Hathian citizen, Bubba Miklos, over due to Mr. Miklos’ traffic violation. Upon checking the man’s ID, the officer remembered Mr. Miklos as having an outstanding warrant for an arrest for assault on a police officer, fleeing a scene when previously pulled over, and for holding a woman hostage.

Officer Gutter called in officer, Gina Akish, for back up. Upon arriving at the scene, Ms. Akish took out her taser to warn Mr. Miklos to calm down, as he was enraged and cursing at the officers. As Ms. Akish was focused on Mr. Miklos, she was blindsided and attacked by a woman, whose name is unknown. While Ms. Akish was distracted, Mr. Miklos attacked Officer Gutter, stabbing him in his side, wounding Mr. Gutter badly. Though very weak, from his injury, Mr. Gutter managed to tase Mr. Miklos and subdue him.

Bubba Miklos down after being tased

Officers Akish & Gutter were rushed to the Hathian General Hospital for treatment. Mr. Miklos was taken to the Hathian Police Department for his outstanding warrants.

Officers being treated for injuries at Hathian General Hospital
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