Local Woman Claims Rape by Fellow CU Student

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Victim wished not to be identified

A Columtreal University student, who wishes to keep her name unknown, states she was raped on May 25th, 2012. I conducted an interview with the woman, who was very upset her attacker had not been brought to justice by the Hathian Police Department.

Victim wished not to be identified

She stated, “I was in a small room, a bed on the floor…I was tied. He took a knife and cut off all my clothes, then he punched me..my face, my tummy, he clawed my breasts, then cut me with the knife….he raped me. It was hard…it hurt….I never saw his face…he wore a white mask…like in that horror movie…looked like that mask.”

The student claims the Hathian Police Department has ignored her many requests for help to track down her rapist. Regarding the location of the attack, she went onto state, “I think the bed covers were brown. Maybe a motel, but not sure. I think he wore black, but not sure about that, and he looked kinda tall and thin, but just what I think…and yes they (Hathian Police Department) haven’t done anything.”

She continued, “So after you know….the rag in my face again…and I wake up hanging by my leg in the middle of town, nude, beaten, raped….the friend I was looking for at Lou’s saw me and got some people to get me down and I end up in the hospital.”

I asked the woman what she would like to relay to Hathian citizens in regards to the Hathian Police Departments non-response to her attack. She stated, “HPD ignored me, didn’t even bother to come by the hospital to take a statement…the hospital did a rape kit on me, heaven knows if they even looked into it to see if they can catch the guy..next time they might have a dead girl on their hands…could even be me next time. The guy called my room before I was dismissed…he threatened to kill me if I go to the police.”

I probed the woman to be frank when she eluded she knew who her rapist was. She stated, ” The guy spoke with an accent….Mexican I think, but I know who did this to me if the police would just bother to ask me…they had him in jail for trying to do this to me just a few days before. Wayne Bonham I think is the name…but he didn’t speak with an accent the first time, but sure he was faking it, so I didn’t know it was him…what are the chances of two people trying to abduct me in front of Lou’s within a few days of each other…no..for sure it is him.”

Hathian Police Department


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