Officer Killed in Phantoms Raid

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Flames were seen from up to three miles away following the catastrophic explosion.

Vodou was the scene of chaos Monday night following an alleged sting operation by the Hathian Police Department on a rumored Phantoms gang hideout located deep within the bayou; a search and seizure operation that left at least one officer dead and many others injured following a catastrophic explosion.

The raid was rumored to have been led by Captain Sora Senizen, Detective Lieutenant Cruz Shipley, and Officer Ryan Calhern in the company of roughly a dozen or so other officers, many of whom were badly injured in the blast, and at least one unidentified officer was killed raising the death count of officers killed in the line of duty while at war against the Phantoms to a total of four.

At this time, it is unclear whether the explosion was a deliberate terrorist action on the part of the Phantoms; or an unlucky tragedy. None of the known gang members were  in evidence at the scene of the bedlam, but are wanted for questioning. The fiery scene within the swamp was made only worse by the presence of several alligators who attacked injured officers during the melee.

Phantoms gang leader, Piper Delvalle-Trevellion had this to say… “While it is unfortunate that someone was killed, it is not my fault officers invaded my private property without my knowledge or I could have alerted them to the danger of a gas leak and the presence of alligators. In fact, I had several warning signs posted on a tall fence surrounding the property which they apparently chose to ignore.”

Officers of the HPD declined to comment.

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