HPD Strike Interview with Lieutenant Sora Senizen

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Days after the Hathian Police Department strike started, which as of today has been met with mixed feelings on both HPD and Civilian side, we were able to finally get a interview with one of its members, Lieutenant Sora Senzien.

Observer: Lieutenant many of the civilians were at the public forum and many have seen the graphic images of corpses and gore that were displayed, was this really necessary to get the point across about HPD working conditions and this strike?

LT. Senizen:  First of all I wouldn’t call this a strike, its not nor has it ever been intended to be a complete shut down of the Police Department. There are some with in the department who think that we stop what were doing completly, and thats the common consensus on the street as well.  This for the most part is not true.  You all may have seen the article in regards to what we are asking our fellow officers to do

  • Do NOT write reports
  • Do NOT issue tickets
  • Do NOT make arrests that are not necessary to protect life or property
  • Do NOT go out on patrol
  • DO go to 911 calls
  • DO Respond to calls for assistance

As you can see in no way shape or form is it a complete shut down, yes there is no paperwork, and we don’t arrest for petty shit, but Murders Rapists etc, all still end up behind bars.  If there is a 911 call we go to it, we still respond to calls for assistance.  This is not as many people think a complete shut down.  Were still bound by the contract we signed and agreed to when taking this job on, We will not allow the city to go to complete shit, period.  Now I’m sorry what was your Original question?

Observer: The main question here were the Graphic Images and Portrayals of Gore and violence necessary to hit the point home?

LT. Senizen: Right, I guess that’s a double edged swordIn some respects yes, by all means it was needed, to most civilians were nothing but “Dirty pigs” who hide behind a badge and only do things for our own personal gain.  What many don’t see is the human behind the badge, were still living breathing people when we place this uniform on and go out to a call were making enemies, people don’t like us and were fine with that.  Though the point of the pictures was to illustrate that YES we die to, we get killed, we risk your lives for the civilians sake, we take baggage home, were targeted both on and off duty, our officers are Raped, stabbed, shot at, beaten, oppressed, everything a civilian is and maybe more.  We are the other half the coin so why the average civilian has scary enemies we have more X2 due to the standard civilian population not liking us just as much as the gang population.

Observer: What is the main Aim of this strike exactly?

LT. Senizen: To be honest its different for each officer that participates. Some want to change the public opinion, others want to stand up to the civilians that cheered for the deaths of so many.  That forum was tough, people risked there reputations to stand up in front of that crowed and state how they really felt, that’s a wonderful thing that they can do.  Police, we just want the same right.  The ability to get up, come to work, put on our uniform our badge and just do our job its stressful enough with out every civilian looking at you like there going to skin you alive the moment your turn your back.

Observer: Lieutenant Senizen, we have seen what stress can do, just a few weeks ago your name was in the paper for an outburst at the Titty Twister, what kind of things are you going to be asking to help officers deal with the stress?

LT. Senizen: Ah yes that article I’m not pleased about that, it had been a stressful week, with the bombing, I have seen alot of friends, and officers die in these streets.  People I have personally taken under my wing, not just officers but gang bangers who I have attempted to help get out of the life and become self respecting hard working civilians.   In the past year I have lost 5 people I know to the violence of this city, it takes its tole.  When some one is there egging you on, telling you that the deaths are deserved, that those Officers some innocent of any act the PD has ever been accused off, who just come to work to provide for there family in an already trying time with the economy and gas prices, budget cuts.  Well there is only so much a man can take before he Snaps.

I am going to be talking with the Captain’s  Andel and Carver, as well as the Chief to see if we can get some in house Therapy for Psyic evaluations as well as to help deal with the stress levels and to in theory let it all out in a controlled environment, maybe see if we can get police membership at the Gym, I know for a while the Khargs were offering discounts to officers, as well as open up for community volunteer work, to help them better communicate with the civilians there hired to Serve and Protect to help build stronger foundations with our community and the youth of this great city.

Observer: Lieutenant Senizen, as we draw to a close of our interview, are there any final thoughts?

LT. Senizen:  In closing all I can really say is I hope that eventually the Officers and the civilians of this city of ours can come to equal terms with each other.  I know there has to be give and take on both sides, and with my recent promotion to Lieutenant I am going to try to switch this up some.  The HPD has always had strong ties to the Community some not on the most bright of notes.  I feel if we can work with the civilians, the schools, the local bussinesses we can rid this city of crime, we can bring order back to the streets, and perhaps the PD will not have to have such a heavy hand. We will make our city strong, we will protect and serve, and most of all We will teach those who wish to undermine the very fabric of our city who wish to hurt the innocents of Hathian the meaning of Law, Justice, and to Protect and Serve. 

Observer: Thank you for your time Lieutenant Senizen

LT Senizen:Thank you for giving me the time.

So what does this all mean for the HPD, the Strike, the City as it is?  We don’t know, but we do know that changes will indeed be coming. What those are, we do not know.  Always note that the Observer will keep you updated, our fellow Hathianians.

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