Cop Drives Golf Buggy In The Daily Grind

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'Bored' Officer drives around the Grind in a golf buggy

While the HPD were effectively on a “strike”, only answering emergency calls but not patrolling their beats, a certain officer of the law seemed to take the time to let loose and play around the city of Hathian  in a golf buggy. Officer Jakson Polik drove the golf buggy into several areas before driving into the Daily Grind, an anonymous witness revealed, who also managed to snap a shot of the Officer driving around the cafe, for no apparent reason other then to enjoy himself.

The officer had recently been the victim of a hit and run by an unidentified man in a black vehicle, this most recent event taking place after the incident with the golf buggy. The officer however was released from the hospital after apparently suffering from a few injuries due to being hit by the car.

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