Reporter Dies in Chicken Bone Accident

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Dion Wright, prolific writer and reporter for the Observer, died at the age of 26 on October 8th after he choked on a chicken bone that was lodged in his throat.

The accident happened at Jimmie’s Chicken Shack after he took a bite of a chicken leg, unfortunately breaking one of the bones, which he then swallowed and started to choke on.

According to an employee who wishes to remain anonymous, patrons and staff alike didn’t notice for some time, only realizing what was going on when he collapsed and fell out of his chair. A few seconds later, 911 was called, and Callista Kharg was the first responder on the scene.

“I checked his vitals when I arrived on the scene, and I didn’t get a heartbeat, or any breathing,” says Kharg, a probationary EMT. “So, I tried to dislodge the chicken bone from his throat to administer CPR. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything I could do.”

Wright will be laid to rest in his home town of Baton Rouge in a small service with close friends and family.

Editor’s Note: Wright was a dedicated staffer for the Observer, and his presence & work will be sorely missed around the newsroom.

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