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Health is often put on the back burner as more important things take priority, like money or family, but as we start to neglect ourselves, we run the risk of living shorter, less healthy lives.

The Howling at the Moon Fitness Centre was established to help make sure people are able to take care of themselves, regardless of how much money they make or what fitness level they’re at.

“We believe in healthy bodies and healthy minds.” says Callista Kharg, co owner and co founder of the gym. “Exercise and a healthy lifestyle helps us live longer, and we want to help people achieve that.”

The Howling at the Moon Fitness Centre offers a variety of machines and activities, ranging from weight training and treadmills, to boxing and yoga classes. Not only that, but the staff offer free water and towels to aid your workout. If that’s not enough, they also offer a multitude of therapy services, including massage therapy, physical therapy, and even a psychiatrist to talk to.

Think it’s out of your price range, or a cost you can’t afford? The Howling at the Moon Fitness Centre is more than flexible, willing to meet almost any budget.

“Everyone deserves to live a healthy life, and we offer a range of payment options.” explains Kharg. “Packages reach as much as $120, and as low as $35, but we also have a low income program, just so everyone can afford what they deserve.”

Located on the southwest side of the Columtreal campus, the Howling at the Moon Fitness Centre is definitely worth a try, and everyone can sample the facility with a free two week membership.

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