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Khloe Glamour in her newly established Mourning Wood Funeral Home
Khloe Glamour in her newly established Mourning Wood Funeral Home


I got a call from my good friend Khloe Glamour wanting to have an article whipped up about her new business venture in town. I couldn’t say no to the crazy girl, so we set up a date and I swung by the place. When I arrived, I had to make sure the address was right. The building was reminiscent of the 19th century with its colonial facade, which is known so well for being the home of the wealthier tenants of Louisiana. At three stories, the building stood tall and majestic.  A simple black iron post sign would greet me at the entrance with the words “Mourning Wood Funeral Home” in white and the motto below it, “You Stab’um. We Slab’um.” I then went inside and was greeted by Khloe, tall and skimpy as ever, really you couldn’t miss her. She welcomed me herself and said how happy she is to bring this venture to Devils Pocket for the use of the citizens of Hathian and surrounding areas.  When I looked around the room, it was pretty obvious where I was. White marble  pews lined the room, fresh cut flowers all around, an empty open casket lay open at the end of the room with a gold curtain as a backdrop. She said this was the heart of the home, where people would come to pay their last respects for loved ones and make memories that would last a lifetime. There we took a seat on one of the pews facing the casket, and she began to tell me about her vision for the place. How she imagines people coming to the home and sharing memories of their loved one with friends and family. The room full of the scent of fresh flowers that people buy for the deceased. She stated how her vision is to make sure that “dead people are happy, too.”  She said her home is a full service funeral home. “From the moment the body arrives to our facility from the hospital, we will give great attention and care to the person. Our service includes very skillful embalming and preparation for viewing to make sure the person looks as good as they did alive,” stated Khloe. She went on to talk about how she is currently hiring for positions, and that her ad could be found in the paper sometime soon. She also went on to talk about how her business is not just for the dead. “One point I want to emphasize is how important it is to pre-plan your funeral. Its a horrible time for family members to have to figure out what you wanted as they grieve. The best thing is to plan it yourself ahead of time so it can be the way you want it to be.” Khloe showed me some plans she has put together to offer to the public. I was impressed at the prices which usually are unbelievably high. Khloe says she knows that money is pretty tight but she can offer cheap monthly payments to make the funeral of your dreams come true.

The funeral home will be open for deceased services on October 13. It is currently open for Pre-Planning Services. There are Grand Opening Discounts going on NOW till Grand Opening Day.

The Grand Opening Event will be on October 13 from 3pm – 9pm.

If you are interested in more information contact Khloe Glamour ((Caramelo Cardalines)) at 222-6666 at anytime day or night.


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