Mourning Wood Funeral Home is Seeking Employees.

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Mourning Wood Funeral Home currently has career opportunities waiting for motivated professionals who care about others.  In preparation for it’s Grand Opening on October 13, we need the following positions filled:


– Funeral Assistant – ($9.00 – $11.00 / Hour)

Funeral assistants provide help during funeral services and perform numerous jobs around the funeral home. An assistant’s responsibilities focus on ensuring funeral processions function smoothly, and on helping the Funeral Director wherever needed. As a funeral assistant, your responsibilities include being a pallbearer, driving cars in funeral processions, transferring the deceased to the funeral home, arranging flowers, and maintaining the funeral home. Other duties may include greeting people at the funeral home, assisting the public with charitable donations, registering deaths and obtaining burial permits. Must have High school diploma.


– Embalmer – ($12.00 – $18.00 / Hour)

Embalmers prepare the body post-mortem for services rendered at the funeral home.  Must have proper education and valid license in the state of Louisiana.


– Counselor- ($8.00 – $15.00 / Hour)

Anyone who wants to hear family members and friends out during the grieving process. Pay is calculated by Experience. Counseling certification would be nice.


– Chaplain- ($12.00 – $15.00 / Hour)

The chaplain is a full member of the funeral home team who provides for the pastoral needs of family/friends/clients and staff of the funeral home.  Specifically, the chaplain, through professional training and certification, assists family/friends/clients to understand more fully life’s events as they relate to their spiritual and emotional well-being. From the family/friends/clients life experience, the chaplain may offer prayer or reflection.


Please Contact Khloe Glamour  at 222-6666 for more information or to apply.


Equal Opportunity Employer, M/​F/​D/​V.​

((IM Caramelo Cardalines))

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