Jailhouse Brutality, will riots return to Hathian?

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On the heels of the Lou’s ‘Fight Night’ and Hathian Police Captain Andel’s ‘Ultimate Challenge’ , the trauma of Hathian’s Finest is top news in this Louisiana Community.

Now, an anonymous citizen speaks out about what she calls the ‘real’ HPD that “everyone should know.”

Our source, a local business manager who wishes for her identity to be protected to discourage retaliation, agreed to speak to this reporter after urging for the criminal offender’s side of the story.

“I didn’t do nothin’. Those cops got what was comin’ to ‘em,” she says, her face purple, her wrist in a soft cast, leaving one to question if she was involved in the fighting at Lou’s bar on the night of Thursday, August 18th.  She says the answer to that is a firm “no (expletive) way!”.   When asked of the origin of her injuries, she explained the bruising, broken wrist, and other injuries as, “what happens when ya in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

When the smoke cleared at Lou’s last Thursday night, our source, freshly released from jail on charges relating to the events there says that there were three left behind.  “The cops were beatin’ on one girl when I could see through the gas, she hadn’t done anythin’. Was just sittin’ on the pool table when I came in.”  She goes on to say, “I got tazered, the barb thing ripped right outta my back while they were tacklin’ a boy, couldn’t be more than nineteen who hadn’t done nothin’ either,” she’s quick to clarify,  “he wasn’t fightin’.”    As for who was doing the fighting, the source refuses to comment on the rumors that members of the ‘L9R’ gang were involved.

What she wanted to make clear was this, “the police are a disgrace in this town.  When I was in the jail, I saw a young guy get raped, a girl, too. I was assaulted by a fella who used to be a detective.”  She showcases her allegedly broken hand as example of this assault, but refuses to name names on what officers or prisoners were involved in the jailhouse abuse.  “I didn’t get a call, I was put in a mixed cell and left in cuffs for two days straight!” she alleges.

“Someone’s gotta do somethin’ about that place,” she adds, “theres no excuse for what went on in there. Even criminals got rights. They gonna have another riot on their hand soon, ya mark my words.”  When asked if she had any knowledge of plans of those currently incarcerated towards rioting, the source simply smiled and ended the interview.  At the time of publication, Captain Andel was not available for comment on neither riot readiness in the jail  nor the status of his open-ended invitation to the L9R gang.

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