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Francheska UdimoThis past week has been one heck of a busy one, guys and gals. It’s gotten me thinking a lot about relationships and what they actually mean for a person. Even though I’ve openly said homosexuals are simply wrong, I find myself thrust into a world of them. No matter where I’ve been, there they were.

To say it was awkward would be an understatement, in fact it’s been downright confusing, but for the most part, some of them have been in deep meaningful relationships or are right now in deep meaningful relationships with people of the opposite sex.

In itself it’s innocent enough. But are these homosexuals trying to steal our straight counterparts in order to stem procreation? Or are they genuinely interested in these people they’ve chosen to take in a level headed relationship? That unfortunately is a question I can’t answer.

I attended a funeral late last week and was underwhelmed by the amount of people who turned up. What overwhelmed me was the way in which the deceased parted this earth and that even so. Even with all the mess of it there were people there [of all sexual natures] who genuinely loved and cared for this person.

What I don’t understand is why people don’t mourn like that after the loss of a loved one. By loss, I mean the end of a relationship. Because that relationship is dead even if the two party’s remain friends, that is a completely new relationship.

I must admit when I lost my family, I mourned for years and years, I’m not saying we shouldn’t. I have found though that finding a relationship has died, or is dying is far harder, because that person is still here. We’ve got to live with them literally still in our lives without that old connection.

So what are we really in these relationships for if not better or worse? Because it seems to me that for the most part they end up worse. I put this down to the lack of religious belief and the fact that people won’t let God guide them into Holy Matrimony. Except for homosexuals. They’ve got a far greater battle to face.


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